Welp, We've Been Grating Cheese Wrong Our Whole Life

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw tells her snooty Vogue editor, “Men, I may not know. But shoes, shoes I know.” Well, that’s how we feel about cheese. In fact, we like to consider ourselves cheese connoisseurs. (See exhibit AAnd BAnd C.) Which is why we were totally blown away when we discovered this game-changing cheese-grating hack.

Posting on Twitter, user @beasymss shared a video of herself using a cheese grater, and it’s since gone viral. The trick? It’s all about how you hold it.

Instead of placing the grater upright, Bea flips the grater horizontally in order to collect all the cheese inside. Then, when she’s done, she can just tip all the cheese onto her plate without making a mess.

Totally genius. Why? Because the easier the cheese is to grate, the more of it there is to eat. Pass the cheddar, please.