Princess Diana's Brother Just Shared a Rare Photo of a Royal Family Member—and the Lookalike Vibe Is Uncanny

Charles Spencer, the younger brother to Princess Diana and the maternal uncle to Prince William and Prince Harry, is showing how his connections to the royal family go way back.

The 9th Earl Spencer dug up a rare photo of his grandfather, Albert Spencer, alongside Queen Elizabeth II's grandmother, Queen Mary. In the caption, Spencer said, "My grandfather showing Queen Mary round Sulgrave Manor - Northamptonshire home to George Washington’s forebears. Rather a stiff official photographic record of the day - hopefully they both enjoyed it all, rather more than their faces suggest.... #georgewashington #queensofengland #spencerfamily."

While Spencer humorously referenced the "stiff" expressions on their faces, we can't get over how much Queen Mary looks like her granddaughter. This uncanny resemblance did not go unnoticed by commenters either, like one user who said, "The Queen is the spitting image of her grandmother." Another commented, "You can just see our queen's face in Queen Mary's can't you?"

Sulgrave Manor was the ancestral home of George Washington and it was purchased by the British American Peace Committee (which included the earl's great-grandfather) in 1914. Spencer's grandfather was showing the area to Mary, who had become queen consort in 1910.

So, while Charles Spencer is very closely connected to the royal family now, it seems that his ancestors also had their own ties. As one user noted, "Who knew his great-grandson would be born to her great-grandson; both to be future kings of England. A very historic photo."

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