Princess Diana's Brother Reveals Mystery Photo of Unidentified Potential Family Member

From World War II throwbacks to old newspaper clippings, we can always count on Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, to update his Instagram feed with vintage family pics and fascinating historical facts. This time, however, the 9th Earl Spencer is offering a glimpse of a potential mystery ancestor who may just bear some resemblance to the late princess.

On Wednesday, he revealed that he stumbled upon clea photo of an unnamed face at Princess Diana's childhood home, Althorp House. Spencer wrote, "Unnamed face from a Victorian era Spencer family photograph album, at @althorphouse—such a shame we don’t know who this might have been…."

In the pic, a young girl with short, curly hair and bangs looks upward with a blank expression, and she's donning a beaded necklace and what appears to be a frilly dress.

It seems likely this child would be part of the Spencer family, as many fans are pointing out a resemblance to Princess Diana. One follower commented, "She has Diana's eyes, such a beautiful photo." Another wrote, "Whoever she was, she was beautiful. I hope the Earl finds out."

The mysterious throwback snap comes about a week after Spencer pulled an old photograph of his grandfather and great-great-grandfather from the family's archives.

He captioned the post, "My grandfather, Jack Spencer—then, in the second photograph, his own grandfather, Frederick Spencer."

The first image shows Jack Spencer wearing a dark suit and tie, and in the following pic, we see a detailed illustration of Jack's own grandfather, Frederick, in a white shirt and silk tie.

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to call out the strong resemblance between Jack and Diana, thanks to their similar features. One fan wrote, "Princess Diana had those lips and eyes!" Another added, "Strong genes in the Spencer line... such a family resemblance!"

charles spencer 2

We look forward to seeing even more throwback gems with the Spencer family.

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