Charles Spencer Shared a Pic of His Grandma on IG & She Looks So Much Like His Sister, Princess Diana

Whether it be childhood pics of their great uncles or vintage snaps of their father at the height of his military career, we can always count on Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, to give us rare glimpses of their family. This time, though, the historian dug up a charcoal sketch of their grandmother—and we can't get over how similar she looks to the late princess.

On Instagram, he captioned the black-and-white portrait, "My grandmother, Cynthia (Spencer), drawn by Sargent in 1919. She died 50 years ago this year—much loved, and greatly respected. The hospice in Northamptonshire carries her name: @cynthiaspencercharity A legacy she would have been humbled by."

If we didn’t know any better, we'd have sworn that we were looking at a portrait of the Princess of Wales. But we weren't the only ones who noticed the striking resemblance between Cynthia and the princess. One follower commented, "So beautiful—hints of Diana there." Another fan wrote, "Wow, she looks sooo much like Princess Diana. Beautiful."

Aside from inheriting her grandma's strong genes, it appears that Princess Di also got some of her mannerisms, including the infamous head tilt—one of Diana's go-to poses for photos.

In January, the 9th Earl Spencer shared a throwback of his grandparents sitting together for tea, and in the photo, Albert Spencer sits tall while Cynthia's head is titled toward her husband. He wrote, "My grandparents enjoying their tea ‘al fresco’ at Althorp, in 1944. Photograph taken by my father whilst on leave from military training."

In response, one fan commented, "Your grandmother’s pose is just like Diana’s!" Another chimed in, "I see where you and Diana got the tilting of the head from."

We can't help but wonder if these mannerisms also will be passed down to Prince Harry and Prince William's children... Guess only time will tell.

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