Hair and Makeup Aside, Celebs Also Get Their Teeth Cleaned (and Whitened) for the Red Carpet

We all know that stars get lasers, acid peels and highlights in the leadup to major red carpet appearances because they have to give their makeup artist and hairstylist a good base to work with. But did you know that sometimes a dentist is involved in the intricate glam strategy?

Yep, between finding time for facials, spa sessions and going into hair and makeup, some of our favorite celebrities even squeeze in time for good old teeth cleaning, at least, according to cosmetic dentist Dr. Jon Marashi. 

Dr. Marashi—who represents a variety of A-list Hollywood clients such as Tom Hanks, Ryan Seacrest, Patricia Arquette and Joaquin Pheonix—explains that while hair and skin maintenance is important before major events, maintaining a healthy smile is also key. 

Right before a red carpet, the famous dentist suggests a teeth cleaning followed by a teeth whitening procedure. This specific “brightening and whitening” process takes about an hour total. (Dr. Marashi also does porcelain veneers, which takes much longer than 60 minutes).

And while we don’t know for certain which celebs paid a visit to Dr. Marashi before this year’s Golden Globes, by the looks of sparkling smiles on the red carpet, we’d assume a few of them did.