People Have So Many Feelings About the New ‘Cats’ Trailer (Hint: They’re All Bad)

ICYMI: The new Cats trailer made its grand debut earlier this week. Although the people at Universal promised they’d make those terrifying cats look, well, less terrifying, it appears they did not.

The Trailer

Rightfully so, would-be fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns (with memes). Here are our ten favorite reactions.

The Reactions

One Twitter comedian kicked things off with a screenshot of a creepy cat.

Another started positively, then got real about how the trailer really made her feel (aka traumatized).

Twitter user @ChaseHilton22 had no interest in mincing words and used this still of Idris Elba as a cat to further his point.

In fact, Elba’s cat proved to be one of the more popular meme-able moments. Coupled with a no-shave November joke, it’s even better.

Ditto to this therapist quip.

Variety editor Marc Malkin rightfully pointed out that Dame Judi Dench’s cat looks an awful lot like Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers. That (secondary) fur coat, though.

Taylor Swift’s normal fingers also made an appearance…?

Another Twitter critic pitched a new movie: a Garfield reboot, but gritty. We’re down.

One poor unfortunate trailer viewer opened up about his visceral reaction to the clip, saying, “I’ve seen a lot of things and I’ve had a lot of opinions but #CatsTrailer I just can’t even. I have no words, I’m just watched with my mouth [sic] a gap and my head shaking and a part of my soul dying.” Same, dude.

Personally, we think Twitter user @Laviedelexie may have said it best: “Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by the #CatsTrailer.” 

*Raises both hands*

Cats debuts on December 20. 


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