Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas Celebrate Their Joint Birthday with a Seaside Escape

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, and Michael Douglas, 78, are an iconic Hollywood couple, not only because they've been married for over two decades and starred in the Oscar-winning movie Traffic together, but also because they happen to share the same birthday.

We always look forward to whatever the pair will post when the day rolls around, and this year, it looks like they're celebrating in style. Zeta-Jones posted a video to her Instagram, where it appears that she and Douglas are jetting off for a seaside vacay.

“All smiles as we start our birthdays!!! Let the games begin!!!!!!” The Chicago actress wrote in the caption.

In the video, Zeta-Jones sports a navy blue newsboy cap and an oversized cream sweater. “It's our birthday!” She exclaims. She then pans the camera over to Douglas and says, “Happy birthday, honey.” To which Douglas replies, “Happy birthday, darling.”

Then, the Mask of Zorro star has a little fun with the fact that it's both of their birthdays, panning the camera back and forth and saying, “Happy birthday me, happy birthday you.” She also points the camera out the window of their plane, showing an unidentified body of water that they're flying over.

Only a couple hours before, Zeta-Jones uploaded a slideshow of selfies featuring her and Douglas, writing, “It’s our Birthday!! After 24 years of celebrating our special day together, I still look forward to it [laughing emoji] [kissing face emoji]. I love you!!! a la votre!!!!!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, Douglas made his own post to Instagram, sharing a photo of himself and Zeta-Jones from one of their previous vacations. In his caption, he said, “Happy Birthday Catherine! I love you always & forever @catherinezetajones.”

In the comments section of Douglas's post, Zeta-Jones wrote an adoring reply, saying, “Happy Birthday darling. So happy to share this day with you. Love you.”

Meanwhile, fans showed their love for the couple, with one user saying, “I love you both with all my heart! #relationshipgoals.” Another added, “Always celebrating you two!!”

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Happy birthday, Catherine and Michael! Until the next one.

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