Catherine Zeta-Jones Rocks Platinum Blonde Hair for Her New Movie & She Looks Totally Different

Catherine Zeta-Jones may be known for her signature dark locks, but it looks like the actress had a major hair transformation for her new film, National Treasure: Edge of History.

Zeta-Jones recently posted an image from the upcoming Disney+ film to her Instagram account, which shows her in character as Billie Pearce. The star is seen on the phone, channeling her inner Olivia Pope with a white coat and what appears to be a short blonde wig. TBH, we had to look twice after spotting this post on our feed, because we almost didn't recognize the Chicago actress.

Zeta-Jones captioned the post, "Calling you all to give you a heads up! National Treasure: Edge of History premieres on Disney+ this Wednesday the 14th!!!! Do blondes have more fun?"

In the comments, one fan gushed, "You really suit being a blonde." Another wrote, "Love your hair but you are unrecognizable!!"

For the record, this isn't the first time the actress ditched her long, dark hair for a platinum blonde 'do. In 2020, Zeta-Jones stepped out in a curly blonde bob with a glamorous sheer outfit when she dressed up as famous actress Jean Harlow for Halloween.

On Instagram, she wrote, "I would dress up as Jean Harlow every year if I could. This look was so much fun!!" One fan responded, "You absolutely nailed it!!"

We're guessing this won't be the last time we see Zeta-Jones step out with sunny blonde hair. But for now, it looks like the actress has already settled back into her darker tresses—especially considering her recent role as the iconic Morticia Addams in the Netflix series, Wednesday.

We look forward to seeing more bold new 'dos from CZJ!

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