Camilla Parker Bowles Just Gave Us a Glimpse into Her Home Library (& Looks Like Someone Is a Fan of Crime Fiction)

Like the rest of the world, Camilla Parker Bowles and her husband, Prince Charles, are turning to their hobbies to pass the time during social distancing. And it seems that includes reading crime fiction novels. s. 

On Tuesday, Clarence House shared a message from the duchess to the Royal Naval Medical Services (of which she is Commodore-in-Chief) on Instagram, thanking naval nurses for their continued work in supporting the nation’s health during the current pandemic. 

The slideshow featured two throwback photos of the 72-year-old visiting the Royal Navy, as well as a brand-new video shot from her home in which she pays tribute to the nurses who have been serving alongside NHS colleagues in the past few weeks. 

And although we’ve seen the room where she shot the clip before (her home office), this time, we got a closer look at her and Prince Charles’s collection of books. Behind all of the portraits of dogs (one of a Schnauzer is actually painted), black-and-white photos from her childhood and a shot of her wedding day to Prince Charles, we see a variety of novels, including a couple by author Peter James. 

If you’re unfamiliar (as were we), James is a prolific crime writer, known for his thriller and crime-fiction books. According to The Argus, the author has even met the duchess several times. Not to mention, his mother, Cornelia, was the former glovemaker to Queen Elizabeth. Talk about a small world. 

We love that the prince and the duchess are as into crime fiction as we are. Now Camilla, if you’re reading this, can you let us know the titles of those books so we can add them to our summer reading list?