Camila Mendes Dishes on Her Upcoming Netflix Movie ‘Strangers’

camila mendes strangers netflix

Camila Mendes is opening up about her upcoming Netflix movie, Strangers, which is a complete 180 from Riverdale.

In a recent interview with PureWow, the 26-year-old actress shared details about the highly anticipated film, which is being directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Someone Great).

“I have one project that I’m super excited for called Strangers, which is being directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who’s become a very close friend of mine already,” she told PureWow. “I’m really excited to get to work on that.”

Strangers tells the story of two teenage girls—Drew and Eleanor—who unexpectedly meet and develop a connection. Although Mendes will star alongside Maya Hawke, we don’t know who will play each of the characters.

Not to mention, Mendes (who’s currently promoting her partnership with Secret Deodorant) warned that Strangers is nothing like Riverdale, adding, “It’s definitely a very different vibe [than Riverdale]. I feel like it’ll maybe attract some similar audience members, but I think it’s going to feel a little bit older.”

Mendes is widely known for starring on Riverdale, where she plays Veronica Lodge. However, this isn’t the first time she’s partnering with Netflix. In addition to Strangers, Mendes has also appeared in Dangerous Lies and The Perfect Date.

Guess we’ll be keeping an eye out for Strangers on Netflix.

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