Which British Royal’s Style Most Closely Resembles That of Princess Diana? Author of ‘The Lady Di Look Book’ Weighs In

Princess Diana was known for her sartorial flair, this we know. But do any of the modern royals (think Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle) hold a candle to Diana’s style today? On a recent episode of the Royally Obsessed podcast, Eloise Moran, author of The Lady Di Look Book: What Diana Was Trying to Tell Us Through Her Clothes, joined me and my co-host Roberta Fiorito to share her take.

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Moran—who also runs the Instagram account @ladydirevengelooks—admits her opinion is controversial, but is quick to reflect that none of the modern royals have the same sartorial flair that Diana had. “Diana brought such natural style to the table,” Moran says. “I think you either have a sense of style or you don’t. I do think that Diana just had something you’re born with.”

So, how do the modern royals measure up? “Meghan’s style is quintessentially California and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Moran says. “She looks great, but [she’s doing] her Boho California thing. I do like the way she pays tribute to Diana sometimes with her clothes. Kate Middleton is the royal good girl and very Sloane-y in her style. She always will be and has a very buttoned-up, conservative look. She wears amazing dresses by amazing designers—for example, the Vampire’s Wife dress that she wore in that portrait—but I don’t think either have the je ne sais quoi that Diana had.”

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As for which looks cemented Diana’s position as a fashion great in Moran’s mind? She credits a variety from the infamous revenge dress to her white Versace LBD. But her favorite of all time is something Diana wore in one of the last photos ever taken of her. “It was taken in St. Tropez in the South of France. Diana had just come off the yacht with Dodi [Al Fayed] and she’s wearing white shorts, a black tank top and has a little Louis Vuitton clutch and some K-Swiss sneakers. There’s nothing about that look that you would change if you were to wear it today. You would wear it exactly as is. I think that shows Diana’s timelessness.”

Hear, hear.

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