Brie Larson Dishes on ‘The Marvels,’ Tom Holland and Superhero ‘Suit Envy’

Brie Larson has an exciting year ahead, with a new docuseries on Disney+ that she helped direct, another highly-anticipated Marvel movie on the way and a starring role in an Apple+ drama series.

While most everything involving the MCU is kept very hush-hush, Larson was kind enough to share her excitement for The Marvels, which is slated to be released in February 2023, during a new interview with PureWow.

“It just felt great to get back in the suit and to be Carol [Danvers] again,” Larson said. “She's somebody that has inspired me, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and so, it's always a good experience to get to hang with her more.”

The 32-year-old actress said fans will have plenty to love in the upcoming installment, and she discussed working with Candyman director, Nia DaCosta. “We have a new director, Nia DaCosta, at the helm, who I just can't say enough incredible things about,” Larson said. “She is so funny and smart and really understands this world and has a vision unlike anyone I've met, so I just feel excited for people to see what she's bringing to the MCU...this film goes places that are totally unexpected and it's exactly what you want out of a Marvel film.”

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While Larson has spent the last few years playing Carol Danvers (AKA Captain Marvel) in the MCU, we asked her if she had ever envisioned herself playing any other superhero, to which she said, “I've honestly never thought about it. I spend so much time thinking about how to play my character, I don't know if I've thought about playing another character.”

However, she did reveal that amongst the Marvel actors, there has been a case of what she jokingly calls “suit envy.” She noted, “I've been around a lot of superheroes, especially during Endgame time, that I feel like, the thing that was so funny is everybody had envy for each other's superhero suits...I know that the powers are all CGI, but people would look at my suit and they'd be like, ‘Man, yours looks really comfortable,’ and I'd be like, ‘You know, the knees are a little tight,’ or whatever.”

Larson revealed that she had eyed Tom Holland's suit in the past, saying, “I'd be looking at Tom's suit going, ‘Man, your Spider-Man suit looks really comfortable,’ and he's like, ‘I know, but the helmet—having your face covered is hard’...So everybody kind of had suit envy.”

It seemed that in the end though, all the superheroes were pleased with their own costumes. She added, “At the end of the day, I think we all kind of landed on being happy with where we were at.”

We wish we could try on all those cool suits too. In the meantime, we'll be excitedly awaiting Larson's Nissan Super Bowl spot, which will feature a couple of her former Marvel co-stars, in addition to a few Schitt's Creek cast members.

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