Birthday Cake Cool Whip Is a Thing, and Yeah, We’d Love to Try It

Sure, you can put whipped topping on a slice of birthday cake, but why not cut out the middleman and combine the two?

Thank God they’ve already done just that. Introducing birthday cake Cool Whip. *Insert angelic fanfare*

The celebratory pseudo-whipped cream was spotted on shelves first by Instagram junk food blogger @thejunkgoat at St. Louis, Missouri–based supermarket chain Schnucks. Per the original post, the reviewer approves: “This is 10/10. Cool whip has just became [sic] the goat!”

@Thejunkgoat followed up with a sneak peek of the contents, and you’ll be happy to know that the birthday cake Cool Whip does, in fact, have rainbow sprinkles mixed throughout. “This is what the birthday cake cool whip looks like! Not as pretty as you would think but it’s not slacking on the flavor! Well done @coolwhip”

We have a feeling this particular release will be a hit: As if the limited-edition label weren’t enough, it’s also a dessert flavored like another dessert…and it’s pink. Win-win. The only thing we’re not sure about is what you would pair it with. Brownies, maybe? A spoon?

Kraft-Heinz has yet to confirm the launch, but considering multiple Instagram sources have already spotted it in stores, we’d say it’s a done deal. Happy birthday…to us.

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