Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell Reveal Gender of First Baby (& Share Sweet New Sonogram Pic)

Bindi Irwin and hubby Chandler Powell just revealed the gender of their first child—and it’s a girl!

On Tuesday, the couple shared the exciting news in an Instagram post, accompanied by a sweet snap of themselves holding a sonogram photo. “Baby girl, you are our world,” Irwin captioned the pic. “Our beautiful daughter is now about the same size as a hatchling Aldabra tortoise and is as healthy as can be. We can’t wait for her arrival next year.”

Not only did the photograph feature the couple and the sonogram but in typical Irwin fashion, it also included an animal, specifically, a giant turtle (we’re guessing an Aldabra tortoise) eating pink flowers. How fitting. 

The 22-year-old and her husband (who she married in April) revealed they were expecting their first child in August in another Instagram post. In her caption, Irwin described learning she was pregnant as “a moment where time stood still.”

She wrote, “I took a test and ran into the kitchen where Chandler was making us tea. He didn’t hear me come in so I speechlessly watched him pouring the water into my most loved hedgehog mug. This news would change the course of our future in the best way. I started crying tears of pure joy and told my sweetheart husband that my test was positive. We were beaming while our adorable puppy Piggy sat on our feet wondering what was going on.” 

Since the announcement, the parents-to-be have continuously kept fans and followers updated on their baby’s growth, including the child’s very first sonogram which they shared earlier this month. 

Now that we know they are having a girl, we can’t wait to hear what name they decide on. We’re crossing our fingers for Stevie.