‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3 May Be Closer Than We Think

We haven’t seen the last of the Monterey Five

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Nicole Kidman recently dropped some exciting news for Big Little Lies fans: Season 3 is officially in the works and progressing quickly.

Reuniting with her co-star and producer Reese Witherspoon for Vanity Fair, the two actresses caught up on all of the things including the latest developments with their hit HBO series.

Reflecting on letting the cat out of the bag too soon about a potential of a third season back in November 2023, Kidman explained, “I got excited!”

But, now it really is happening! Talk about speaking things into existence. The duo confirmed that author Liane Moriarty is already hard at work on the book that will inspire the new season.

“We’re moving fast and furious, and Liane is delivering the book… and we’re in good shape,” Kidman dished.

“The rest is—we need to shut up, because there’s this whole thing that you should never talk about something until you’ve done it,” she said. “If you talk about doing it, it’s the dopamine hit of doing it. You feel like you’ve done it. Did you know that? Have you heard about that? It’s a scientific study.”

To that, Witherspoon responded: “Well, I have a rule. It’s called, “Don’t be full of shit!” The actress and producer added: “It’s called ‘The No-BS Rule in Hollywood,’ because how many people tell you they’re doing X, Y, Z, X, Y, Z? It’s like, ‘I don’t want to talk about it until I’m standing in the costume on the set.’ Then I will confirm to you that it’s happening. It’s really hard to stop it once you’re standing on set in costume.”

Big Little Lies, which last aired in 2019, left fans yearning for more of the intense drama and complex characters of Monterey, California.  

In addition to Kidman and Witherspoon, the original cast includes Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz.

With production speeding along and the cast’s dedication, it looks like Big Little Lies will soon be back to on our screens once more. So let’s get ready to welcome back the Monterey Five.

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