PSA: This Is the Exact Mascara Worn on ‘This Is Us’ (So You Know It’s Waterproof)

We consider it a personal achievement whenever we get through an episode of This Is Us without crying. But what about the actresses on the show? Many of their scenes call for tears and yet, unlike us, they never seem to have an issue with inky streaks running down their faces.

Zoe Hay, Makeup Department Head for the show shares her secret: L'Oréal Voluminous Volume Building Waterproof Mascara.

As she told The Cut: "This is my go-to mascara on the show for all my leading ladies, because we know at some point throughout the day we will inevitably be shooting an emotional scene. I really like the texture of the product and the way it moves across the lashes, separates them and coats them without making them clumpy. And it’s at an amazing price point. On the show, I apply it after curling the lashes with a small fan brush, coating both sides of the lashes, top and bottom. For a more dramatic look, I allow each coat to dry before applying more. If I’m applying fake lashes, I’ll use it to marry them with the natural lashes."

And if that doesn't convince you of its durability, there is no shortage of fanfare around the mascara. (It's long been a best seller for the brand.)