The Best Super Bowl Commercial Hands-Down, No Question

During last night’s Super Bowl, there were countless heartfelt commercials, like Huggies’s family-driven ad and Toyota’s inspiring story about Jessica Long. However, if there was one spot that reigned supreme above the rest, it was the ad for the new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix.

The commercial stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher in a super relatable scenario: Kunis keeps denying that she’s stealing her husband’s Cheetos, despite the fact that she’s been caught “orange-handed” on multiple occasions.

In the clip, Kutcher confronts his wife after realizing his Crunch Pop Mix is missing. “Did you steal my Cheetos again?” he asks. When Kunis hesitates, she’s interrupted by Shaggy, who says, “Just tell him it wasn’t you.”

Kutcher proceeds to sing a new rendition of the musician’s 2000 hit song, “It Wasn’t Me,” which documents all the times he’s caught his wife snacking in various places, like at the counter, on the sofa and even in the shower.

Shortly after it aired during the Super Bowl, Kunis discussed the commercial during an interview with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that she appreciated the comedic storyline.

“It’s so silly! Ashton and I, we never work together,” she said. “I mean, I know we worked together before…[but] in the midst of quarantine, they sent us this ad to do and every time I’ve ever been offered a Super Bowl ad, it’s always a female having to be scantily clad. And this one comes around, I started laughing so hard and Ashton was like, ‘This is kind of funny.’ And I was like, ‘We should do it!’”

Next time we sneakily eat all the Girl Scout cookies before our partner can have even one, we’re totally adopting Kunis’s mantra: It wasn’t me.

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