From cracking inappropriate religious jokes to keeping track of body measurements, we’ve learned a lot from Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. While we don’t agree with all of her quirks (cough, nightly routine, cough), there’s no denying she’s the queen of one-liners.

In honor of the season two premiere, here are nine of Midge’s best quotes from the popular Amazon series.

midge marvelous mrs maisel
Bobby Bank/Getty Images


“All that applause for me? What am I, putting out after? One standing ovation, everyone goes home pregnant.” —Season one, episode one

are you kidding me midge maisel


“He packed up my suitcase and left.” —Season one, episode one

Midge downtown
Amazon Studios


“It’s downtown. If you have underwear on, you’re overdressed.” —Season one, episode one

I m going to work midge maisel


“Tell Ethan I’ll pick him up tomorrow. Don’t baptize him while I’m gone.” —Season one, episode four

Marvelous pot roast
Amazon Studios


“So, this is what you were missing, Joel? Pot roast and Santa Claus?” —Season one, episode four

midge in mirror


“[Women] will fix it. And accessorize it!” —Season one, episode four

Midge 3
Amazon Studios


“It looks like it ate all the other mezuzahs.” —Season one, episode six

midge maisel


“Calling that thing a house is like calling the Vatican a church.” —Season one, episode seven

Midge 4
Amazon Studios


“I get it now, why men rule the world: no high heels.” —Season one, episode eight

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