Elisabeth Moss & Amy Poehler’s Stylist Has a Brilliant Trick for Styling Bermuda Shorts

In case you've been living in constant vacay mode (which, jealous) or haven't had the guts to don anything but a linen sack all summer, the hottest shorts trend of the year is one we're all actually familiar with: Bermudas

Nope, this isn't some weird 2007-sponsored twilight zone. Bermuda shorts are back, baby. Except, these aren't your high-school-era Madras varieties. This season's iteration falls in many of the same categories as biker shorts: chic without trying, mid-thigh skimming and...well, sorta tricky.

It's true. Bermuda shorts are still pretty difficult to style without looking frumpy. Thankfully, stylist-to-the-celebs Karla Welch, who works with Amy Poehler, Elisabeth Moss, Tracee Ellis Ross, Olivia Wilde and other big-name stars, sat down with PureWow to explain how to wear them in 2019. Welch just launched a collection in collaboration with Express, called x karla, that includes a few pairs of the trendy shorts, but she's sticking to a different name for the style.

"I'm actually calling them basketball shorts because you can wear them down low," Welch said, referencing the elastic waistband included in her design for Express. "My advice for anything is wear it like it's jeans, just put it on and go out the door." Might we suggest adding a monochrome blazer?

For shoes, Welch said to go with what feels right for you.

"Right now, I'm super into a little pointy mule, but I love them with a sneaker. I love them with a Birkenstock. I love it with the Teva..." Welch said. "But you could wear it with a heel, you can wear it with a flip flop."

So, basically anything then? Great, so no limits there. 

Her final piece of advice when it comes to breaking out your Bermudas: "Don't overthink it," Welch said. "Yeah. Don't overthink anything."


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