Beard Bouquets Exist and, Yes, They're Just What They Sound Like

Hey, men: To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you could buy a box of chocolates or a nice piece of jewelry. You could even splurge on a super fancy night on the town. Or, you could be the most extra and adorn your facial hair with a floral arrangement. 

Introducing Beard Bouquets, an absolutely not silly at all product from online store Firebox

If you remember, beard accessories aren’t new; we first became aware of them with winter 2017’s beard ornaments, which, as their name suggests, are Christmas ornaments for your face. 

Each $15 Beard Bouquet box contains nine roses that clip seamlessly into your facial hair. Per Firebox, “Clip these nine beautiful blossoms into your majestic face fuzz and let them work their magic. We’ve selected super comfortable clips that won’t tug or pull, so wearing them all day is definitely an option if you decide it’s a look too good to save for your date.”

So…Beard Bouquets: Yea, nay or ehh maybe as a gag gift, but a gag that’s very obviously a gag and should, under no circumstances, be taken seriously

sarah stiefvater

Wellness Director

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