ABC Has Flown in ‘Extra’ Guys for Clare Crawley’s Season of ‘The Bachelorette’

We all have tons of questions regarding Clare Crawley’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette. For one thing, we weren’t sure if the season was moving forward (considering the coronavirus pandemic and the surprise announcement of Matt James as the new Bachelor). Thankfully, Crawley is about to start filming her season and Reality Steve is shining a light on what to expect.

The Bachelor franchise expert recently revealed that production has flown in “extra” guys for the series, as a precautionary measure.

“I’m hearing this season they have way more guys flown out there than will eventually end up on the show, and that’s to have other guys ready to go if any test positive for COVID upon arrival,” Reality Steve stated. “But in typical Bachelor fashion, it’s not like they’re telling any of the ‘extra’ guys they flew out that they’re basically just a standby person.” Yup, this means that there are more men than will actually be on the show. Although ABC announced 32 possible contestants back in March, that list has changed due to the delay in shooting (and no longer includes James, of course).

Reality Steve also revealed that he’s creating a list of ten new guys all of which are under quarantine for a full week before filming begins to guarentee that none of them has the virus. “I have about 10 ‘new’ men whose profiles I'm working on now,” he tweeted. “Bc of possibly testing positive and/or being backups, we won't know who her official cast is until ABC releases it. I'm assuming that'll be soon once they determine their final cast list after quarantine is over.”

ICYMI: Chris Harrison addressed the speculation of Crawley’s season being canceled last month. A fan asked about The Bachelorette in a comment on Harrison’s congrats post to Matt James, writing, “Is Clare’s season canceled?” Harrison immediately responded, “Absolutely not! Clare’s love story is next.” The 16th edition will kick off filming this week in La Quinta, California.

We’ll be patiently waiting for that list, Reality Steve. 

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