Bachelor Peter Weber Kinda Just Made It Instagram Official with Kelley Flanagan

Sure, Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ended weeks ago (or was it years?), but the 28-year-old pilot’s romantic drama is still keeping us wildly entertained. The latest and greatest in his very public and very messy quest to find love? He’s not just hanging out with his ex Kelley Flanagan during this period of social distancing but he’s staying at her house. (Can someone tell this guy it’s OK to date people who aren’t your ex?)

Speculation began late last week when the duo was spotted traipsing about Chicago. Then, yesterday, they were spotted in a TikTok dance challenge video together. Now, it appears we have confirmation that Weber is living at the 27-year-old tax attorney’s home for the time being—oh, and they’re apparently Instagram official.

Yesterday, Weber made a major move and tagged Flanagan in an Instagram video he posted of himself reading rude TikTok comments about himself (which is basically the new version of Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s Celebrity Mean Tweets).

In the video, he sits on a couch, eats a cookie and laughs at comments about his TikTok dancing that range from funny (“Someone put this man’s voodoo doll down right now”) to rude (“I didn’t think I could watch something worse than his season, but I was wrong”) and back to funny (“Filmed by Barb”).

He’s the only person on camera and someone appears to be filming him. Since he tagged Flanagan, it’s safe to assume it’s her…but he could also be toying with Bachelor fans.

The latter possibility doesn’t seem to be the case, though, because their mutual friend Clay Harbor spilled the tea and confirmed yesterday that they’re dating. And, on Weber’s Instagram Stories he posted a TikTok video of him doing another viral dance challenge that featured the same rug and chair that Flanagan has in her living room. (See below.)

peter weber tik tok kelley flanagan living room

At the very least, this detective work is keeping us busy while hunkered down at home.

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