Video Evidence Finally Proves that ‘The Bachelor’ Films Multiple Takes of Date Scenes

Technically, The Bachelor is a reality TV show, but we all know there’s more that goes on behind the scenes than viewers get a glimpse of. Case in point? Evidence just surfaced that proves the date scenes on the hit ABC series are often filmed multiple times. 

Now, to be fair, it’s safe to say we all knew The Bachelor wasn’t 100% authentic. Producers, of course, encourage contestants to do certain things and some drama is manufactured in the editing bay. But Reality Steve just shared several videos of the newest Bachelor, Peter Weber, on a one-on-one date with Kelsey Weier. Spoiler alert: They have to exit the sports bar/bowling alley they just visited several times before the director gets the shot he or she was looking for. Here’s the first one.

And here’s the second, with more direction from Weber’s producer (each person on the show is assigned a personal producer).

There’s even a third take.

Guess there’s a lot more to exiting a sports bar and boarding a trolley than meets the eye.

Judging from the hordes of onlookers, The Bachelor production crew wasn’t exactly trying to hide the fact that they shoot multiple takes, but it’s still a bit jarring for Bachelor purists who believe they’re watching an IRL love story play out right before their eyes. 

If anything, we can take this as a friendly reminder that right reasons or not, The Bachelor is in fact a produced TV show. (In any case, we’re still obsessed with it.)

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor just started filming late last month and is expected to air early next year.  


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