Madison Prewett’s Dad Writes ‘Proud Is an Understatement’ in Tweet After ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Madison Prewett has someone special sticking by her side—her father, Chad Prewett.

Last night on part two of the season 24 finale of The Bachelor, we learned that Peter Weber did indeed get engaged to one of his two finalists...Hannah Ann. After Madison self-eliminated, Peter continued his journey and ultimately found love in the end, right? Not quite. We also learned that the engagement between the couple only lasted a few short weeks, with Peter revealing he still wasn’t over Madi. 

During the live finale, Madison joined Weber onstage and revealed that she feels the exact same way. When Harrison asked where they stand, Weber said they’re going to take it “one step at a time.”

It’s important to point out that Peter’s mom, Barbara, was not happy with the outcome. Throughout the entire episode, her reaction was shown in a picture-in-picture, and she rolled her eyes every time Madison came on the screen. 

When Harrison gave Weber’s mom the stage, she wasted no time explaining why she wanted her son to choose Hannah Ann. After criticizing Madison for making them wait “three hours,” Barb revealed that they didn’t connect with Madi on the same level. “He’s going to have to fail to succeed,” Barb said. “Everyone knows it’s not going to work.” Yikes. 

However, fans and friends alike showed their support for Madison, regardless of Barb's feelings. This included the contestant's father who tweeted his support after the dramatic season finale.  

“Proud is an understatement,” he wrote. “I believe in you and support you always Madi Rose!” How sweet. “Love you so much,” she responded. 

So, while Peter may have Barb, it looks like Madi has some great support from Chad.