Hannah Ann Crops Bachelor Peter Weber Out of Instagram Post and Delivers Empowering Message: ‘Stay True to You’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Hannah Ann is coming off of her breakup with Peter Weber stronger than ever.

From the moment she returned Peter's ring, Hannah Ann handled herself with poise and grace. Not only did she confront Peter during the live finale and tell him he needs to "become a real man,” but she also shared an extremely pointed post-Bachelor message saying that she was “flying solo.”

And now, the 23-year-old model is speaking out about her experience. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Sluss shared a photo of herself and Chris Harrison at the finale and thanked ABC and all others involved in the hit reality show.

“So grateful to @abcnetwork and all the people involved in the show for making this difficult experience one that I could endure. I made a commitment to myself to be consistent, genuine, and truthful through this journey and I remained that way to the very end,” she captioned the post. “Allowing yourself to love someone is a vulnerable place to be, but I am thankful that I gave myself a chance in finding love regardless of the outcome.”

Sluss also encouraged her followers to “never settle” when it comes to finding love. “I encourage anyone looking for love to always stay true to you. Don’t accept anything less than 100% of someone’s heart—YOU DESERVE IT! Thank you from the bottom my heart for the love and support from old & new friends along the way. Your kind words brighten my day! Xo.”

And did you notice she cropped Weber out of the photo? We sure did.