Hannah Ann’s Post-‘Bachelor’ Instagram Behavior Sure Makes It Seem Like She's Now Team Madison

We know it’s hard to believe, but it's only been one week since Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ended. And a lot has happened in a short amount of time.

On part two of the season 24 finale, we learned that Pilot Peter did indeed get engaged to one of his two finalists...Hannah Ann. We also learned that the engagement between the couple only lasted a few short weeks, with Peter revealing he still wasn’t over Madi.

Then, just two days after the dramatic finale, Peter and Madison announced in two separate Instagram posts they will not be moving forward with their relationship. And it looks like there are no hard feelings between Hannah Ann and Madi.

On Monday night, Madison shared an Instagram to remind everyone that it's only been seven days since the finale aired.

"Well this Monday is a little different," Madison captioned the post. "Also hope everyone is staying safe." 

And while Madison received a ton of replies from family and friends, there was one comment in particular that caught our attention. Hannah Ann took the time to leave a short (yet sweet) message on the post.

"Cutie," the 23-year-old commented adding a heart and kiss face emoji.

We love to see this kind of support between these two former rivals. Peter Weber who?