Oh, No Big Deal—‘Bachelor’ Stars Hannah Ann Sluss & Madison Prewett Just Went Live Together on Instagram

Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett are moving on from life at Bachelor mansion and we have the video to prove it.

The 23-year-old model and 24-year-old foster care recruiter surprised (and delighted) Bachelor Nation yesterday when they came together for a virtual catch up on Instagram Live. The best part? They didn’t even mention their shared ex, Peter Weber, or the fact that he immediately moved on to Prewett after his engagement with Sluss ended. What a mess that was!

So, what did they discuss?

In one clip, Sluss and Prewett intoned they’d be doing a joint TikTok video soon (yay) and reminisced about their time together on the show. But they didn’t chat about the drama or how everything played out. Instead, they connected about the delicious foods their moms cook.

They pointed out that they still need to make a mom-on-mom chili cook-off happen with a little banana pudding on the side for good measure. They also said their dads are kind of eager to hang out and that once social distancing is over, they totally can, since they only live four-hours apart.

Before ending their virtual get-together, Prewett got real and asked Sluss if there’s anything she’s been relying on to help process the state of things.

“It’s really important to lean on people and lean on things that are important to you…Is there something specific that has gotten you through this time?” Prewett asked.

She added, “We always connected with our faith.”

Sluss confirmed her faith has been a saving grace during this period and with that, our sneak peek into their friendship was complete.

OK we kind of love how chummy they are. Peter Weber, who?


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