Ashley Graham's Latest Insta Video Proves She's a Workout Queen (and Her Shirtless Husband Isn't Too Bad, Either)

Ashley Graham is known to serve up seriously badass workout inspiration on her Instagram account, frequently posting scenes from her workouts at NYC’s Dogpound gym.  

In her latest gym-spo video, Graham does some sort of squatting and pressing movement (a very heavy-looking chain isinvolved) that we’re sure would make us feel sore for days, noting in the comments that she was back in the gym after three weeks of not working out. 

Equally impressive are the abs on her spotter-slash-husband, Justin Ervin. 

In all honesty, this is what we think we look like at the gym. And while it’s almost certainly not, we can—and will—dream. 

sarah stiefvater

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