Ashley Graham Reminds Us Breastfeeding in Public Is a Totally Normal Thing

To breastfeed in public or to not breastfeed in public, that is the question many new moms ask themselves. Sure, it’s a perfectly natural act between a mother and child, but honestly, some people (aka not breastfeeding moms) are super weird about it. We’re looking at you, gawking restaurant onlookers. Well, Ashley Graham made her stance on public feeding known in her latest empowering Instagram post

The 32-year-old model and body positivity activist shared a pic of herself breastfeeding her newborn son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin, at a Brooklyn, New York, establishment. Since she was drinking coffee while Isaac noshed, she captioned the pic with the coffee and milk emojis. (We see what you did there.)

This isn’t Graham’s first breastfeeding photo (we loved the realness of her other one), but this is the first one she’s shared of herself breastfeeding out in the world. Graham didn’t cover her chest with a throw or try and stick her son under her shirt. Instead, she just embraced the moment and went for it, reminding us that people should really calm down and let breastfeeding moms do their thing when they need to. (A friendly reminder that this natural act only recently became legal in some states.) A baby doesn’t care if you’re at a nice restaurant or seated near a full table. When they need to eat, they need to eat.

A handful of celebs celebrated Graham’s post. Demi Lovato commented, “YASSSSS,” celebrity hairstylist David Lopez wrote, “C’MON MISS ASHLEY bringing us nature REALNESS!” and model Helena Christensen called it “Oh so lovely” with three heart emojis.

We’ve got to hand it to you, Ashley. You’re crushing this whole new mom thing. 


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