Ashley Graham Shared the Most Glamorous Breast-Pumping Video on Instagram

Ashley Graham just managed to turn breast-pumping into a glam event that's fitting for a fashion show.

The 33-year-old model showed her multitasking skills on Instagram by sharing a snippet of herself pumping while working backstage. She wrote, "17 packs of hair on my head (yes it was as heavy as you could imagine!) and two 20 min pump session—Multitasking at its finest."

In the video, Graham rocks a full head of gorgeous curls while wearing a black pumping bra. And in the second clip, the model films herself pumping while getting prepped by one of her stylists.

One fellow mom wrote, "Yasssss with that Spectra, mama!! Thank you for normalizing pumping!! My son and I made it 12 months mostly exclusively pumping!! [heart emojis]." Another fan gushed, "If i would be a mom someday...I wanna be as fabulous as you!"

This isn't the first time that the mom has proven to be a multitasking queen. In July, Graham shared a snap of herself pumping while spending some time with her son. She wrote, "Breakfast of Champions. Extra love to the multi-tasking mama’s club today as I check emails and pump."

The model welcomed her son, Isaac Menelik, with her husband Justin Ervin in January of 2020. In an episode of her podcast, while opening up about her childbirth experience, she explained, "Going through the hardship of my body changing, having to go back to practice what I preach and then going through the invincible laboring birth experience that I did, and now to be able to stand tall and say, 'Wow, I did it'—I'm so proud of myself, and I want other women to feel that exact feeling of just being invincible. I feel like there's nothing I can't do."

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