What's Up With Arya's New Weapon on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Last Sunday on Game of Thrones, we finally got the satisfaction we'd been waiting for from so many different character relationships. From Brienne and Jaime to Sansa and Theon, the second episode, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" centered on ironing out a lot of the relationships and providing a tiny bit of closure before the big battle of Winterfell (one person on Twitter said it was like hearing everyone getting mic'd up in the locker room before a big game...and we have to agree).

But one major part that got sorta glossed over: Arya's weapon that she asked Gendry to create for her. Serving as more of a plot device for bringing Arya and Gendry together again before their big steamy scene, the weapon actually holds a lot of significance for the Girl with no name.

Part spear, part detachable dagger, the drawing of the weapon Arya handed Gendry reminds us of the stick she used back in the House of Black and White when she was training against the Waif. It's got what looks to be dragonglass on both ends and a detachable middle, meaning it could either attach to something longer (to be thrown through the air...and to possibly stab an ice dragon?) or be used in closer range. However, if the Night King and Viserion end up traveling south to King's Landing and bypassing Winterfell (which seems likely), we'll probably just get a ton of kickass spear moves from Arya as she mows down the wights instead (and you don't see us complaining one bit).

Arya also has the dragonglass dagger given to her by Bran, and Needle, her sword, which has basically become an extension of her arm. Though because Needle isn't Valyrian steel, it won't be any help against the White Walkers.

One theory posits that the fact that this new weapon so closely resembles the one the Waif used in Braavos means Arya is actually the Waif who's just wearing the Stark sibling's face...though it's been discredited quite a bit in the Reddit realm. But we've been fooled by GoT more times than we can count, so we can't totally rule this one out.

Tune in to see if Arya is able to bring down Viserion with her new weapon this Sunday, April 28, at 9 p.m. on HBO.


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