Ariana Grande Addresses Buzz Surrounding Her Changing Voice—and She's Not Holding Back

It actually totally makes sense

Ariana Grand
James Devaney/GC Images

Ariana Grande recently addressed the buzz around her “changing” voice on a podcast, and she’s keeping it real.

In a candid interview with Evan Ross Katz from July 9, Grande, 31, explained why her voice can sound different at times. This comes after a clip from the Podcrushed podcast went viral, showing Grande switching from a lower to a higher register mid-conversation.

The “Eternal Sunshine” singer explained, "I think it’s just a very normal thing that certain conversations are different tonally. If I’m feeling very bubbly, I’ll sound more bubbly. If I’m feeling more serious, I’m gonna sound more serious. I’m not the same all the time — no one is!"

Grande added that these changes are part of her routine to “preserve my vocal health” and mentioned her two-year stint playing Glinda in the upcoming Wicked movie, which influenced her vocal habits.

“I just spent a long time playing a character every single day and training my voice to do different things for a long time,” the “Yes, And?” vocalist said. “The voice is in the body. It’s an instrument, and muscle memory is a real thing.”

The Victorious alum also reminded readers that her voice is her “lifeline.”

“It's a full-time commitment and it’s a lifestyle. It's not something that you can really f—k around with because it's your lifeline,” she shared. “It's something that, like I said, you can't take out of a box and put back in later. It's right here. I'm the box. 24/7, this needs to be thought about.”

While addressing the voice-changing buzz, Grande didn't shy away from calling out the double standards she faces compared to male actors who adopt accents for roles.

“You see with male actors that after the fact, people are always like: ‘Oh, wow! How dedicated he is to his craft. The transformation! He’s a brilliant performer,’” Grande pointed out. “And if God forbid I sneeze like Glinda or make an intonation like her, then I’m crazy and ‘someone should check on her.’”

Grande wrapped up her thoughts by reflecting on the scrutiny she faces.

“It’s a strange thing to be under such a microscope… We all acclimate, and we all have different modes,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Grande has responded to the voice critics. She commented on the viral TikTok clip last month, writing, “Habit (speaking like this for two years) and also vocal health :) i intentionally change my vocal placement (high / low) often depending on how much singing i’m doing [crying laughing emoji] i’ve always done this BYE.”

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