Anna Faris Reveals the Middle School Beauty Mistake That Still Makes Her Laugh Out Loud

anna faris beauty mistake

#Tbt to those awkward middle school days when we were all stumbling our way through not just friendship but fashion and beauty, too. Ask Anna Faris about this time and she is quick to spill about the beauty mistake that defined her years in middle school. 

“In eighth grade, I didn’t have any friends and I had bangs,” she told PureWow while promoting her partnership with Clorox and its $150,000 campaign. “But I went through this phase where I would take the tiniest strand of my bangs and gel them down the middle of my forehead, then pin the rest up, so it was this incredibly odd look of this strand of hair down my forehead.”

Her reasoning behind this particular look? Faris admitted with a grimace and a laugh: “I had to wear head gear at the time and I think this was my way of just really wanting to stick it to the world. In my head, I was thinking: ‘I know you guys don’t like me, so I’m just going to pour salt in my own wound.’”

Feelings, right? The bottom line—as evidenced by her self-care mom trick, where she rolls the windows down and blasts 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim on her drive to work—Faris is a total pro at expressing herself, whether through beauty or otherwise.

As she explained while talking about her head-clearing commuting ritual: “You don’t want to mess with me.”

Faris, we like your style. Go bold or go home.

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