Angelina Jolie Held Back Tears When She Dropped Off Daughter Zahara at College

There comes a time in every parent’s life when their children must leave the nest and go off to college. And for actress Angelina Jolie, that day has finally come.

The Eternals actress recently dropped her eldest daughter, Zahara, off at Spelman College to prepare for her freshman year. The school’s Vice President for Student Affairs—Darryl Holloman—posted a slideshow composed of photos and videos, capturing the heartfelt moment on Instagram.

In the first photo, the Mr. & Mrs. Smith star is standing beside the university’s president, Dr. Helene Gayle. While Holloman is filming the video, he asks the Hollywood actress, “Alright, Ms. Jolie. Can you tell us, how does it feel being a Spelman mom?”

Before he can finish asking the question, she responds, “I’m gonna start crying! I have not started crying yet.” Jolie goes on to say that she’s “holding it together.”

Another pic shows Hollman, Jolie and Zahara standing in what appears to be a dorm room. The caption read, “Welcome to campus..Zahara, c’2026!!”

This latest post comes a couple of weeks after Jolie Jolie announced that her daughter is starting college on Instagram. The 47-year-old actress posted a picture of her daughter posing and smiling beside fellow Spelman students.

“Zahara with her Spelman sisters!” she wrote in the caption. “Congratulations to all new students starting this year. A very special place and an honor to have a family member as a new Spelman girl.”

This may not be an easy moment for Jolie, but we can tell there'll be more college visits to come.

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