‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Episode 8 Brings Several Major Characters Back to Camp Redwood

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Last week on American Horror Story: 1984Dylan McDermott and Lily Rabe made their return to the hit series as hitchhiker Bruce—who tries to hurt Brooke (Emma Roberts) and Donna (Angelica Ross)—and Mr. Jingle’s (John Carroll Lynch) mother, also known as “The Lady in White.” Oh yeah, and Mr. Jingles killed himself so the Night Stalker (Zach Villa) couldn’t kill him first. 

And now, everyone is headed back to Camp Redwood with motives to kill. Here’s what went down in episode eight of AHS: 1984, titled “Rest in Pieces.”

1989: One Day Before Halloween

The episode opens with Brooke and Donna sitting in a diner talking about their possible plans when this nightmare is all over. Donna tells Brooke that she could be “the final girl,” aka the one who survives and lives to tell the tale.

The duo is then approached by a woman named Stacy who tells them she’s writing the story of Brooke Thompson and Mr. Jingles. Um, awkward. 

Later when the girls return to their motel, Stacy knocks on their door and reveals she knows exactly who Brooke and Donna are and explains she’s an expert on the ’84 massacre. This girl really knows her stuff (she even has a tape of Brooke’s fake execution). The trio makes a deal: Brooke offers to give her the whole story (including that Margaret is the real murderer) if Stacy sneaks them into the camp and lets them go free in the end.

Later though, Stacy meets her fate when she runs into the Night Stalker, Margaret and Bruce. Shocker. 

Camp Redwood

Bruce is back (and bandaged)—this time, in a pink car on his way to Redwood. It’s not long before we hear a muffled female voice coming from the trunk, which we quickly learn is Mary Kay (yes, that Mary Kay), who discovered Bruce and untied him the previous night. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live long. 

The Night Stalker returns and as he serenades himself in the woods, he’s ambushed by Mr. Jingles and of course, a fight ensues.

After rolling down a hill, Mr. Jingles is hit by (you guessed it) Bruce in his new ride. Bruce quickly realizes who the Night Stalker is and tells him he wants to get into the “blood game.” We feel a relationship forming. 

After recruiting the Night Stalker and hitchhiker Bruce to her murderous squad, Margaret reveals her master plan to kill every musician that’s coming to perform at the festival. This is so tourists will flock to the camp like they do to other places like Graceland. Yikes. 

Mr. Jingles is once again caught by all of the camp’s ghosts who are clearly still bitter that he murdered them. He explains to Montana (Billie Lourd) the extent of the Night Stalker’s killings and begs that they free him so he can kill Rodriguez. His pleading gets him nowhere and he’s tortured and sent out on a canoe on the lake.

Suddenly, a dead (not to mention corpsy) Bobby grabs him and pulls him into the water. Next thing you know, the whole fam is together having a picnic. “The past will haunt you forever if you let it,” says his mom. Hmm, cryptic. 

Well, we’re not sure what to expect next week. Be sure to tune into the American Horror Story: 1984 finale on Wednesday, November 13, at 10 p.m. on FX.