Amazon Announces Free 1-Day Shipping for Prime Members and No, We’re Not Kidding


Picture this: You’re leaving for an international vacation in two days and you just remembered you don’t have an adapter…bummer. You don’t have time to run to the store and anything you order online won’t make it in time. Enter Amazon—here to fix all of your last-minute problems with their plan to offer one-day free shipping to Prime members. Yes, just one short day.

The company’s CFO Brian T. Olsavsky broke the big news in a statement last week outlining the company’s 2019 first quarter earnings. 

“We’re currently working on evolving our Prime free 2-day shipping program to be a free one-day shipping program,” he said. “We’re able to do this because we've spent 20-plus years expanding our fulfillment and logistics network, but this is still a big investment and a lot of work…ahead of us.”

Here’s what we know so far: The one-day delivery won’t debut everywhere at once. The company will be taking multiple quarters to roll the offer out across the country. Not all products will be eligible for free shipping, but the plan will cover roughly the same amount of products now available with two-day free shipping for Prime members. 

Long story short, you can expect your orders to arrive within 24 hours.

“We really think it’s going to be groundbreaking for Prime customers, and we’re really excited to add this capability,” said Olsavsky. Us too Brian, us too. 

Looks like we’re never leaving the couch again.

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