Amazon Is Selling a Pop-Up Greenhouse (and It's Only $50)

walk in greenhouse 728

In our dreams, our home has a winter garden room dedicated to raising a host of lovely plant children. In reality, we're lucky to keep our sad, windowsill geranium alive. But this nifty Amazon find may change that narrative. 

Meet the "popup greenhouse," which is exactly what it sounds like. This lightweight, easy-assemble (no tools!) greenhouse is composed of a steel frame, a zippable, heavy-duty tarp and enough interior shelving to host up to 22 pounds of small potted plants. In other words, it's a greenhouse for dummies beginners. 

What makes this an even more accessible gardening prospect is that, while walk-in, it's really, really petite. Meaning it works just as well on an apartment balcony or tucked in a sunny corner of the yard. And it's only $50, people.

Now, is it the gorgeous greenhouse of our wildest hopes and fantasies? Not exactly. But if it'll help us actually not murder our seedlings this year, it's a worthy experiment. 

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