Mermaid Life Jackets for Your Dog Exist (and You Can Get Them on Amazon Right Now)

amazon mermaid dog life jackets

When it comes to your pup, nothing is too good or too over the top…right? Well, as it turns out, Amazon is now selling life jackets for your furry BFF. Not just ordinary life jackets—mermaid ones, so your dog can swim all summer in style. 

Yup, you can now purchase these jackets (from the pet product brand Albabara) on Amazon for $25. The sparkly and bright life jackets take the shape of a mermaid, and come in a variety of colors, including orange, green, purple and blue. 

Each flotation device is made of a shimmery, scaly material and feature a prominent tail that floats on the water's surface as your pal paddles along. Available in small, medium and large, these devices come with adjustable buckles. You know, to keep dogs comfortable as they take on pools or pretty much any body of water. 

“Looks sooo pretty on my Shiba puppy and super sparkly under the sun! It helped her learn how to swim on her first kayaking/paddle boarding trip,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “Love how it doubles as harness as well.”

And while we can’t promise your dog won’t secretly hate the floats for a little while, we can say that pet safety has never looked so fashionable. Did we mention it’s machine washable?

We’re getting some serious Little Mermaid vibes.

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