This $30 Amazon Dress Has Gone Viral—and You’ll Definitely Want One for Labor Day

First it was the Amazon coat, then the Amazon wedding guest dress and then the Zara dress that captivated the internet’s attention. Now a whole new frock is quickly gaining traction as the new “it” dress and we can totally see why.

For one, the R.Vivimos women’s long-sleeve floral print retro V-neck tassel bohemian midi dress (what a name) is just $30 and it comes in 15, we repeat, 15 colors. You can snag everything from a yellow leopard print version, to a blue, purple and white option with peacocks shown prominently on the hemline. That’s variety.

Popularized by Coterie member Grace Atwood, the dress is made from a rayon-cotton blend, so it won’t wrinkle in your suitcase or beach bag. Even though it’s long-sleeved, the breathable fabric makes it optimal for a lazy summer day, a jaunt to the beach or a vacation stroll. It’s flowy, it’s on-trend and it even comes in sizes small to XX-large. The only catch? It does shrink if you put it in the dryer, so beware.

With an overall four-star rating, a quick scroll through the 293 (upon publication) reviews reveals lots of effusive comments about “the dress.” One user wrote, “This dress looks best when the sleeves are pulled up to 3/4, the bottom tie is tied, the top tie is undone, and with a belt. IT'S SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS AND I WANT 1,000 OF THEM. But to be honest, I went back and forth on this piece a lot but once I got the belt on, I was sold. I enjoy the soft fabric, the gorgeous print, and I now have found a way to love the fit!” It looks better with a belt—noted.

Other users commented that it did take a while to ship and was smaller than expected in the chest area, but at $30 it’s still a definite steal.

Now to decide which color we want…


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