Here’s Where You’ll Be Seeing Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman Next (& It’s Huge)

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It's only been a week since we saw Amanda Gorman steal the show with her poem at Joe Biden's inauguration, but now, the young writer is preparing for yet another another major gig.

The NFL has confirmed that Gorman will be reciting a brand-new poem at the 2021 Super Bowl in February. During the pregame ceremony, which will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, the poet will honor three heroes of the coronavirus pandemic, although an official title of her work has yet to be released.

According to the NFL, Gorman's work will honor Los Angeles teacher Trimaine Davis, Tampa nurse Suzie Dorner and Marine veteran James Martin.

In a statement, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, "We are honored to recognize these three individuals who represent the best in all of us. During this incredibly challenging time in our lives, Trimaine, Suzie, and James have exemplified the essence of leadership, each in their own way. We are grateful for their commitment and proud to share their stories and recognize them during this special moment on Super Bowl Sunday."

The news of Gorman's new gig comes shortly after the announcement of her partnership with IMG Models—the same modeling agency that works with stars like Gigi and Bella Hadid.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Gorman opened up about how she felt after delivering her famous poem, "The Hill We Climb." She said, "I understand in some fashion that I was making history as the youngest inaugural poet. I didn't know really what that history would look like or the impact it would have. I just remember finishing, going back to my holding room and just swiping up on my Instagram, [asking], ‘I wonder what people are saying.' And just my apps, my phone not functioning. All the apps I typically used had crashed. I couldn't look at my photos, anything like that. And I hadn't expected that." 

We're willing to bet that Gorman will make several more headlines this year.

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