Allyson Felix Teams Up with Athleta to Create a Childcare Fund for Athletes Who Are Mothers

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Allyson Felix and Athleta are trying to ensure athletes who are also mothers have all of the necessary resources for childcare. 

The track and field star joined the sportswear company and the Women's Sports Foundation for a new project, The Power of She Fund: Child Care Grants, aimed at empowering girls and women and fueling their confidence through movement and connection. Per the fund’s website, the grant program is designed to support female athletes with children, who are striving for peak performance in/on the court, track, pitch, field, pool or mat while also balancing the challenges of motherhood.

Announced on Tuesday, the new grant promises $200,000 to help fund childcare costs for traveling professional athletes. And the cause is one very close to Felix’s heart. She has previously opened up about her difficulties in balancing her professional responsibilities with being a mother. 

“It was important to me and to Athleta that our partnership reflects that I am more than just an athlete,” Felix said in a press release according to Forbes. “But not everyone has access to this type of support from a partner or sponsor. These grants are about showing the industry that all mom-athletes need this same comprehensive support to be able to participate in their athletic endeavors.”

Up to this point, nine recipients—six of whom are heading to the Tokyo Olympics—have been named, receiving $10,000 each.  “Balancing training with being a full-time mom is not always a pretty picture,” said grant recipient and volleyball player Lora Webster. “There have been many instances where we simply can’t justify the cost of a babysitter on top of the cost of the gym and training site, so my training falls by the wayside. So, this money has given us such a big breath of relief in the past few weeks.”

The next group of recipients will be announced in October. Mom-athletes in need of help for their childcare expenses are invited to apply here. 

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