Athleta Makes the Only Face Mask That Hasn’t Annoyed the Heck Out of Me

  • Value: 18/20
  • Functionality: 19/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20
  • Breathability: 17/20
  • TOTAL: 93/100

You just bought a luxe silk facemask (chic!!). You head out the door to pick up your grab-and-go bagel and meet a friend for a fresh-air, six-feet apart, outdoor walk. You slip on said mask, breathe in the sumptuous scent of silk, and OMG, you’re instantly suffocated as the material basically saran wraps itself around all of your airways. And now you’re stuck wearing it for the next two hours. Ya should’ve worn an Athleta mask instead.

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Cristina Gutierrez for PureWow

The What

To be clear, this story isn’t about my hate for silk masks. It’s about my love for Athleta masks. Because they are, without a doubt, the superior brand of washable, reusable face coverings. To be even more clear, the athletic brand does offer a couple of different varieties for adults and kids, but my favorite are the “Everyday Non Medical Masks,” which come in packs of five.

Let’s start with the tech specs: These masks are pleated (or accordion style, if you like to keep things Polka) and they feature a pliable metal nose-bridge that can form to the shape of your beak, which is prime for keeping your glasses clear of fog. The ear loops are adjustable, meaning, if you have a big head or a small head or deeply back-set ears, this mask will work for you. Trust me, my husband and I both use these masks (even though it’s a women’s brand the colors are pretty gender-neutral, if that’s a concern), and…well I’ll let you guess who secretly has the bigger head. Plus, all of the other masks I’ve worn have pulled on my ears in a way that ended up being very uncomfortable after wearing them a while. All of them except for these.

But what about the material? you ask. Two layers of polyester/spandex blend with a soft cotton lining that is literally the most breathable thing I have ever wrapped around my face.

The Wear

One thing I struggle with is dry skin, and of course, masks tend to suck the moisture straight out of my pores, which is why silk masks are great in theory—but I’d really rather be dried out than constantly messing with a mask to stop it from clinging to my nostrils. Not these masks. I don’t know what it is, but they just don’t usurp my skin as the queen hydration-holder on my face region. (Thank god, because my favorite face oil is a little expensive.) I stay hydrated, the masks stay subordinate; this is how a healthy relationship works.

The masks are delicate yet sturdy, soft on me yet hard on the virus…at least, I assume—they’ve done their job thus far. And, very importantly, the colors are actually cute. Like, I look forward to wearing them, cute. I got this pack and the light mint color is actually a very bright mint. It was my least favorite color that I wore out of necessity, until I got nine hundred compliments on it and, now, it is obviously my favorite color.

The Want

Since I’ve fallen in love with these masks, I want more. It’s a greedy love, I’ll admit. And the next pack I’m purchasing will be the Everyday Mask Artist Series 5 Pack, for a couple of reasons.

First, they’re extremely cute. That peachy pink and lavender? Spring masking has never looked better, baby! That spotty leopard? You know I can’t resist a good animal print. The yoga ladies? Give. Me. A. Break. And of course, the winking hearts—they’ve got just the right amount of attitude. If you think they remind you of something you’ve seen on Instagram, you’re right. The set features illustrations from artist Kendra Dandy, aka @thebouffants, and if you don’t follow her self-proclaimed sassy art, it’s time.

Second, 100 percent of the proceeds from these masks are being donated to @buyfromblackwomen, a cause dedicated to supporting Black female business owners. Now, go buy these masks already.

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