Allison Williams Talks the ‘Girls’ Comeback and Her Character’s Iconically Cringe Cover of ‘Stronger’

Allison Williams.
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Recently, we've seen a resurged interest in the hit HBO comedy series Girls, as past fans have been revisiting the series, while new viewers are watching for the first time, thanks to viral clips circulating on Twitter and TikTok. Now, one of the show's stars, Allison Williams (AKA Marnie Michaels), has discussed how she feels about the show becoming popular again.

USA Today reporter Patrick Ryan asked the M3GAN star what it was like seeing a newfound appreciation for Girls. “We filmed it when I was in my early 20s, and I was both living it and filming it at the same time,” Williams explained. “I had no perspective on it at all while it was happening [then], so for me, it's just the greatest thing ever.”

Williams commented on how it's nice to look at the show from a new perspective, adding, “What could be better than people taking a second or third look at something you worked on for seven years together? Nothing could make me happier. And now, from the safety of our 30s, we can watch the flailing and it doesn't feel quite so real.”

Girls ran for six seasons on HBO, with 62 episodes in total. Throughout the series, Williams portrayed Marnie, the best friend of Hannah (Lena Dunham) who decides halfway through the series that she want to pursue a career in music.

In one episode of the series, Williams's character performs an iconically cringe cover of the Kanye West song “Stronger.” In the USA Today interview, Ryan asked Williams how she felt about that clip becoming viral.

“I'm very proud of that performance,” Williams said. “That was extremely awkward to film...just getting it exactly right, finding the right level of cringe, and the moments where she's really proud of what she's come up with. ‘You can be my white Kate Moss tonight’ may be the single greatest contribution I ever make to pop culture. And if that's true, then I can retire happy.” 

We're glad Allison thinks that moment was just as iconic as we do.

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