Alicia Keys Played Not One but *Two* Pianos Barefoot at the Grammys and We're Bowing Down

alicia keys two pianos

There are quite a few reasons we're already dubbing Grammys host Alicia Keys queen of the night: 1. She walked the red carpet in head to 2. She invited Michelle Obama to the party...and she came. 3. She played two pianos at the same (Did we say queen of the night? We meant host of the year.)

That last one was actually a nod to Hazel Scott, a pianist who made a career out of the dueling pianos, according to the Los Angeles Times.

It went down like this: Alicia, performing a medley of songs by various artists ranging from Jay-Z to Kings of Leon to Nat King Cole, had 176 piano keys (88 per) to choose from with a piano on her left and her right throughout the mash-up.

But seriously, is there any better way to prove your epic talent? When everyone in the crowd already knows you can sing your face off, we're guessing not.

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