‘Virgin River’ Star Alexandra Breckenridge Gives a Rare Glimpse of Her Daughter on Instagram

While we're used to refreshing Alexandra Breckenridge's Instagram for updates on Virgin River or (previously) This Is Us, it's always a nice treat whenever she shares an instance of herself in mom mode. And that's exactly what we got earlier today, when the 40-year-old actress uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram Story, where she is seen hanging out with her daughter, Billie, 4.

Breckenridge filmed herself sitting with Billie in her lap and added graphics of pink cartoon hearts to the videos. At the beginning, we see the 4-year-old giddily asking her mom what's happening as she realizes there's a filter. “What are you doing, what are you doing?” the child asks.

breckenridge hero
Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

The mom and daughter then proceed to sit and play around with the Instagram filter, which causes the pair to look like they have hearts shooting out of their heads.

As Billie points out the hearts in their hair, Breckenridge jokingly says, “My hair's a disaster.” To which the 4-year-old responds, “My hair's pink. But you're pink! [The hearts are] all over us again.” The Virgin River actress then snuggles up with her daughter as the hearts continue to burst around them.

breckenridge hero2
Alexandra Breckenridge/Instagram

This isn't the first time we've seen the 4-year-old on Breckenridge's account. In January 2021, she posted a snap of of her daughter holding out a tiny mug and sporting a pair of American flag-covered cowboy boots. In her caption, Breckenridge wrote, “Cheers American.”

We'll be looking forward to more kid content from Alexandra in the future.

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