Adam Rippon's 'Shallow' Figure Skating Routine Is Almost Too Dreamy to Comprehend

Figure skater Adam Rippon is known for gracing the ice with a lot of heart, but his latest performance—filmed in December 2018 and recently shared on his Instagram account—takes a Lady Gaga-inspired turn

The 29-year-old Olympian teamed up with "On Ice Perspectives," a video series that documents skaters from the ice, to bring his rendition of "Shallow," the show-stopping number performed by Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, to life on an outdoor rink in Santa Monica, California.

The pinky, purple sunset, Adam's dramatic twirls—it's all so dreamy and romantic. 

And if there's anyone who could do the song justice, it's him. (Remember his epic Olympic performances from February last year? Swoon.)

Now, the bad news: Word on the street is that Adam plans to retire from professional skating this year, but if "retire" means gracing the world with impromptu and inspired ice routines like this one? We're on board.

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