This New Cleaning Brand Uses Only 9 Earth-Friendly Ingredients, and Suddenly We’re Excited to Do Laundry

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When it comes to household cleaners, we always feel like it’s a game of choosing the lesser evil. “All-natural?” Um…sure, whatever that means. Bleach? If we’re desperate. The dream: a line of products with safe ingredients you can pronounce, that actually gets the job done.

It turns out such a thing exists, and it’s called 9 Elements.

The new cleaning brand was founded by two female engineers who wanted products that are safe for families, kids and the environment. (Same.) So, they took a tried-and-true vinegar-based formula and expanded on it. The result? A cleaning line with no artificial preservatives, dyes or thickeners—and no more than nine ingredients per product. (We only made up the phrase “more is more” to help us sleep at night anyway).

The current lineup includes three essentials—laundry detergent, laundry rinse and bathroom cleaner—in fresh scents like lemon, rose, lavender and rosemary. And while the formulas are simple, they’re also designed to work. (Goodbye forever, husband’s leftover toothpaste sink gunk.)

Our favorite part? For every purchase, the company will donate 33 cents to one of nine causes within the 9 Elements Impact Fund. You get to choose where your money goes, from girls in STEM to sustainable farming and pretty much everything in between.

9 Elements is available online. Now who’s excited to tackle that overflowing hamper?

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