Just a Giant, 20-Pound Cup of Hot Chocolate, Nothing to See Here

20 pound hot chocolate

Single-serve cocoa is so 2018. The nostalgic winter treat just got extra, in the form of a massive, booze-spiked libation that serves up to 22 people.

The over-the-top concoction can be found at PHD Terrace, a luxe rooftop lounge at the Dream Midtown hotel in New York City, from January 31 (National Hot Chocolate Day) through February 14 (some other holiday). Pastry chef Paola Marocchi will load up the oversize mugs with both extra dark and milk chocolate (from premium French chocolatier Valrhona), charred marshmallows, housemade whipped cream and spicy cocoa powder. Oh, and then there's your choice of booze: tequila, mescal, cognac or whiskey. The whole thing will set you back a cool $375 (or $17 per person) and it's recommended you order two days in advance. A far cry from those instant Swiss Miss packets, no?

While we recognize that sharing a bucket of dairy during peak cold season might not be everyone's cup of tea cocoa, we're also not immune to the sheer Instagram potential here—and, honestly, those marshmallows look pretty damn good.

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