9 Women in Their 40s Share Their Favorite Splurge & Steal

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One of the best things about getting older is solidifying your taste, but also knowing the value of a dollar—which you now have more of. (The wins keep coming!) That’s why we decided to poll several women in their 40s about their purchases, both their favorite splurges and steals, that they’re thrilled to have discovered...and now can’t wait to share.

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Dasha Burobina

1. Annie, 40

Splurge: A Beautiful Coat ($1,410)
Steal: A Water Bottle from Amazon ($11)

“Coats last forever and, no matter the season, they’re worth the investment. I recently splurged on one from Max Mara that was on sale after Christmas and I’ve never looked back. As for a steal, this water bottle from Amazon, which includes a time marker, gets the job done and is often better than the pricier options.”

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Dasha Burobina

2. Rebecca, 40

Splurge: Peloton ($2,495)
Steal: Gua Sha Facial Tool ($10)

“My Peloton is a lifesaver—and motivates me to work out on the most slovenly of days. On the flip side, my Gua Sha is a little piece of luxury that energizes my complexion but costs so little.”

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Dasha Burobina

3. Gina, 43

Splurge: Tennis Lessons ($880/20 classes)
Steal: Weleda Skin Food ($20)

“I take group lessons and it’s a worthwhile splurge because it is guaranteed socializing, not to mention (a little) exercise. It’s such a treat every week to kiss the kids goodbye, leave the dishes unwashed and set off into the night. I play with six moms who have been at this for years now. We started as beginners and are now solidly intermediates. An accomplishment! We pay a lump sum for a semester that always looks like a lot, but is so worth it. With Weleda Skin Food, I love creams and oils and can always justify the spend—but I also know it won’t be quite as good as this super hydrating cream that I can pick up at Whole Foods. I keep a tube of the hand cream in my car and in my backpack.”

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Dasha Burobina

4. Katie, 46

Splurge: A Resort Vacation ($600/Night)
Steal: Rubber Birkenstocks ($10)

“A big vacation—like the one we’re taking to Great Wolf Lodge—is worth every penny. It’s the experience! My favorite steal is Target’s rubber Birkenstocks for me, but also for my kids.”

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Dasha Burobina

5. Kristin, 45

Splurge: Running Shoes ($125)
Steal: Amazon Leggings ($20)

“I work in healthcare and shelling out for high quality shoes is so worth it to me. I love the ones from Hoka and also Brooks Ghost. For a low-cost item that works, I have found these amazing athletic leggings from Amazon for $20. No need to over-spend, these are great!”

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Dasha Burobina

6. Michelle, 41

Splurge: A Good Therapist ($99/Week)
Steal: Skincare Products ($40 and up)

“At this age, but also all ages, it’s so important to take care of yourself both inside and out. Hello, therapy. Speaking of our outer appearance, I feel like all my skincare products are both a splurge and a steal for the results they deliver. I swear by Perbelle’s CC Cream that has SPF 43 in it and recently started using Gemini Beauty All You Need Eye Cream and Daily Brightening moisturizer—game-changers.”

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7. Ina, 44

Splurge: Monthly Facials ($160)
Steal: A Tripod ($20)

“Investing in my skin makes me feel ageless—but also just more confident. A facial is also better than makeup. As for a steal, I bought a small tripod and it’s allowed me to capture so many family moments without having to settle for selfies. I just use my camera’s timer. Works like a charm!”

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Dasha Burobina

8. Tiffany, 40

Splurge: Bi-Monthly House Cleaning ($250 and up)
Steal: Trips to My Local Library (Free!)

“As a child of immigrants, I feel like being able to afford a house cleaner is the American dream—and always (always) worth it. As for the library, as boring as it sounds, it’s been the greatest-ever realization of the resources available there. I’ve borrowed Kindle books, a 3D printer, museum passes and more. So much money saved!”

womens 40s splurge or steal 9
Dasha Burobina

9. Rachel, 40

Splurge: A Quality Cut & Color ($600 and up)
Steal: Rescue Cream ($11)

“At 40, I’ve reached a point in my life where a haircut is quite simply worth the investment. I spend $600 and up for a cut and color (it’s NYC), but I only go a few times a year and I walk out feeling so happy. For a steal, I was recently introduced to this $11 Rescue Cream—that’s actually what it’s called—and it has become a spot corrector for dry skin that melts right into my face. At the same time, it’s superpower is working as an incredibly hydrating under-eye cream. I have tubes all over my house.”

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