5 Creative Ways to Save Money in October

With holiday season just around the corner, October is the perfect time to bolster your bank account (or you know, at least make sure you don’t blow all your money on candy and lattes). Here, five genius ways to grab a bargain and save big this month. 

5 Things That Always Go on Sale in October

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Save On Outdoor Stuff

As temperatures drop, so do prices on classic summer merch. Think: Camping gear, patio or garden furniture, gardening tools and grills. Check out big-box stores like Target (already advertising 40 percent off all outdoor furniture), Walmart, Lowe’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods (currently showing up to 70 percent off camping gear) for major savings this month. And keep an eye out for deep discounts on air conditioners and fans, too. Sure, you probably won’t need one for the next six months, but you’ll be so happy you have a working unit (or a spare) come the next heatwave.

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Look Out For Halloween Markdowns

This is one case where the early bird doesn’t get the (gummy) worm. When it comes to Halloween candy, you’ll get the best deals if you wait until October 30 or 31 when retailers are most interested in shifting their stash. (Hey, the later you buy your Reese’s the less likely you are to eat them all before trick-or-treaters come, right?) And the same rules apply for Halloween costumes (although if you have your heart set on a particular getup, then definitely don’t wait until the last minute).

field of peonies

Stock Up On Plants

Here’s the deal: Garden centers want to clear their shelves by mid-month in order to make way for fall and holiday plants. Which means that early October is the perfect time to save on trees, shrubs and other plants. Keep an eye out for weekend sales and make sure to scan the discount shelves, too—perennials like peonies and daylilies often end up there because they stop flowering after summer, but their blossoms will come back again next year.

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Ditto On Denim

Grab a pair of jeans or an on-trend long denim skirt this month, when retailers want to get rid of their back-to-school inventory. Not all denim will be discounted, of course, but leftover supplies from September sales could see as much as a 50 percent markdown.

pumpkin spice latte

Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice

We get it—it’s just not fall without a steaming PSL in your hand. But your daily caffeine fix can really make a dent in your monthly budget (at $4.25 a pop, you’re looking at more than $100 per month). We wouldn’t dream of suggesting you go without your beloved PSL latte this October, but here’s a cost-saving idea—make your own. Dig around in the back of your cabinet and you probably already have everything you need to make this super-simple recipe for homemade pumpkin spice. Delicious in a latte, yes, but it’s actually even better in cake, pie or sprinkled over oatmeal.

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